Best Lubricant For Women And Increasing Your Pleasure Time

Luvena-Lawsuit-AdvertisementThere is a lubricating liquid which is naturally produced in the vagina and the absence of it will cause great problems and obstacles while having sexual intercourse and foreplay. It is at this time that a lot of questions arise as to which is the best lubricant for women There are situations in which the women might experience discomfort due to the dryness of the vagina or situations where insufficient lubrication is there causing trouble. In such cases what a woman can do is look for artificial lubricants and this increases their sexual pleasure. A lot of products are available in the market so the questions which is the best lubricant for women? Definitely needs a concrete solution.

The confusion here lies in the fact that how to choose the best lubricant that can effectively serve the purpose.

Whether there is deficiency of lubricant or not is a different issue altogether but using a lubricant while the intercourse will surely enhance the pleasure of both the partners. The two main types of lubricants are the water based lubricants and the silicon based lubricants. The main difference between the two is that in case of the water based lubricants the water would again and again need to be reapplied and in case of the latter multiple application may not be required. When the penis comes into direct contact with the vagina, presence of the lubricant will ease the friction and give more pleasure.

The other three types of lubricants can be the arousal lubricants, the flavor lubricants and the desensitizing ones. As the name suggests the arousal lubricants can warm the entire region and can give a tingling sensation to men. The flavoured lubricants can give a feeling of tastiness and the third option is basically applicable to those who are suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation.


Depending upon the need and requirement of both the partners the best water best lubricant must be chosen. However one important point to be noted here is that never choose the lubricant which is oil based as the main drawback or the demerit of this would be that the condom might break off while the intercourse is going on and that can definitely pose a threat if the couple is looking for avoiding pregnancy.

Again what is more important is the type of the sexual activity that is being undertaken and depending upon that the best lubricant for women can be applied. What is also important to note is the correct way of the lubricant application which can make or break the task. So it is crucial to understand the proper use of the best lubricant for women. Let us go through the pointers which will give a clear idea of how to use or rather apply the lubricant effectively.

Initially it would be advisable to start with a very small amount of lubricant. This will lead to the arousal.

  • Whether to use the entire lube at the start or to apply it as and when needed is the prerogative of the partners and their choice and preference.
  • The lubricant should be directly applied to the vulva.
  • Those who are used to using condoms ensure to apply the lubricant on the top most part of the condom and not directly on the top of the penis. This can definitely harm the pleasure.
  • Those using sex toys should apply the lubricant either to themselves or to the sex toys.

There are many couples who use the natural lubricants like olive oil, vegetable oil or olive oil as they are not very happy with the use of artificial lubricants which are available in the market may not serve the exact purpose and can indirectly affect the productivity of the pregnancy. However the best practice that a person can follow is to be happy with the natural lubricant that is present in the vagina of the women.

Those couples who want to enjoy anal sex can also make good use of lubricants. In the anus there is no natural liquid present or it does not create any natural lubrication. In such cases the lubricant can be utmost useful. The lubrication in the anus region provided for better penis penetration or a strap or a toy if the women use that. The best personal lubricant will save the anus from tearing or causing any other injury to them.

For many women even  using the best female lubricant may cause irritation or problems of infection and other related problems. For such women it is advisable to meet a sexologist or a dermatologist to ensure that they get proper suggestions from them. After a careful study of the patient, the doctor will suggest them with a proper medication or even the best personal lubricant and can also different ways in which sexual satisfaction can be achieved if not with the help of a lubricant.

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